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And this is what they say about us …

“Binnakle is a dynamic tool that lets you introduce a team to the practice of innovation, and obtain tangible, practical action plans.”
Teresa Manobens, Corporate Talent Management Director
“Using Binnakle has been a new way of focusing on opportunities and challenges within our organisation. It has generated more powerful, groundbreaking dynamics in the working group, which has enabled us to find new solutions that would have been difficult to identify through a traditional session. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to any organisation that wants to find new ways of doing things.”
Xavier Bové, HR Advisor Compensation & Benefits
“Even though we were already fans of the creative innovation process, Binnakle has seduced us! It gives you structure for thinking about innovation. The gamification process means the time dedicated to looking for creative solutions is efficient, and the team works smoothly. Production is maximised. The right choice!”
Gloria Tapias, CSR and Institutional Relations Manager.
“It’s surprising what a simple board game can generate: not just original ideas, but also the ability to bring these ideas down to earth. It’s all very structured, dynamic, entertaining and agile. Don’t underestimate the expression ‘board game’, because this is a very serious product. It provides clear value right from the start. We made the right decision by getting the Binnakle suitcase, with the complete kit. Binnakle gives you a unique experience: people who’ve taken part have great memories of it and want to do it again, with new challenges. And I’m first in line.”
Yuri Noda, Management Organisation and Innovation.
“Binnakle is a working method that has given us direction and guidance, through a process that promotes and inspires creativity and innovation. What’s more, we’ve been able to do this collaboratively and with the advantages of gamification, which increases the engagement of professionals in the process and its results, and the supervision, assistance and collaboration of expert trainers. Thank you!”
Òscar Dalmau, International Continuous Training Centre Manager.

“The experience of working with Binnakle has led us to change our values and the methodology we use for resolving challenges. The creative intelligence team has provided training for us and our staff, so we are now ready to use the tool as part of our processes and within our usual working dynamics. It is a very flexible, user-friendly and enjoyable tool to use. The material is well suited to promoting work during the sessions and enabling participants to take the methodology on board. I recommend both the tool itself and the Creative Intelligence team, with success guaranteed, for all businesses and teams that need to make their problem-resolution, challenge review, action plan and innovation meetings much more efficient and results oriented.”
Laura Lluhen, Human Resources Manager.
“One of my main challenges in the last two years has been relaunching a new business line. It’s one that is especially important to the future of the company and where we have to align objectives between all areas, and get all of them to commit. Binnakle and the collaboration of Creative Intelligence in this challenge led us to successfully involve and motivate the teams. They helped us join forces to double business in the first year, and then maintain a similar rate of growth in the following years.”
Mónica Vilalta, Business Development Manager.
“At Danone Waters, we were looking for a supplier that would help us transfer the main strategic lines of the company to projects that were completely tangible, but also groundbreaking. We selected Binnakle as our partner, to work alongside our employees in building the innovative projects our division would work on, through gamification. We selected employees from all levels and areas (factories, sales network and headquarters) for the session. As a result of the robust Binnakle methodology, we were able to come up with very innovative ideas. What’s more, it’s an excellent tool for institutionalising creative thinking within our organisation. The session was a lot of fun and also helped improve our team building!“
Mercé Griell, Human Resources Top Line Business Partner & Training Manager
“Binnakle was very useful for Zambon because it let us get the entire company into action through ‘playing’. We generated numerous ideas together and some were put into practice. Generating ideas and competing is a good combination because the competitive spirit is a catalyst for ideas. The concept of the crocodile, to control ‘idea assassins’, has penetrated the organisation.”
Santos Álvarez, Human Relations Anna Fusté, Sales Members of the Zambon Innovation Hub