Tired of finding always the same old ideas at your company?

Brainstorming does not help us to innovate?

After a creative session the ideas ends up in a drawer without being transformed into projects?

The innovative/disruptive ideas do not pass the first filter?

My colleagues are convinced that creative sessions are only useful to work on marketing o technological issues?

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Binnakle can help you generate VALUE in your creative sessions

Binnakle “gamifies” the creative thinking model developed by Inteligencia Creativa. Used with success since 2003 in companies from many sectors and countries, it transforms innovation in a playful experience.

What is Binnakle?

Binnakle is an innovation tool that helps you generate new solutions for any kind of challenge in your company, through a playful experience, based on a proven methodology. It is a great alternative to “classical” creative sessions as it goes further than idea generation.

Binnakle will guide you through the whole creative process, not only in the generation of ideas.

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Many companies already discovered the potential of gamification. A Gartner study shows that 50% of companies want to incorporate game in their processes in the next 5 years. Creativity and innovation benefit even more than other topics, from the effects of gaming: disinhibition, lower judgment, competition…

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The Result

Once you finish a complete Binnakle game your output is:
  • Several new ways to face your challenge or need, new stimulating questions, that will be useful even after your game
  • A lot of new ideas on your challenge
  • Some developed and tangible new solutions to the challenge
  • These elaborated ideas are ready to be presented and backed up, with a proposal of a first pilot to start working on them.

You can introduce all the content of your game on the website in a secure way: if you own a Binnakle game, you have access to a private area where you can upload all your data. If you use this area, you will be able to export the whole content to Excel at the end of a game

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