Binnakle covers the 4 phases of creative thinking.

We divided the Exploration or Game into these 4 phases, that we call Missions.

Binnakle can be played in 2 modes:

Binnakle Express Game(4h)
  • From 60 to 80 ideas
  • The best 4 ideas transformed into concrete proposals

Binnakle XL Game (7h)
  • More than 100 ideas
  • The best 12 ideas transformed into concrete proposals

The game is played by 9 to 20 participants More information

Mission 1


The best way to discover new answers is finding new questions. Before deciding which way to take in search of the ideas. Binnakle helps you to rephrase the initial challenge, identify alternative paths and new approaches to the journey.

This adventure in the Lagoon of Doubts will help you find a minimum of 15 alternative ways to phrase the challenge per team.

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Mission 2


The main objective is to go inside the deepness of the Forest of Illumination and find the ways that can take us to interesting places. It will be key to bet for the most exciting and unknown routes. Binnakle will guide you and offer you all the necessary tools to generate and find as many new ideas you can.

The objective is to achieve the highest quantity of ideas, because statistically, it will guarantee quality.

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Mission 3


Once we had our backpack full of innovative ideas we enter the Two Faced Valley. It is time to explore them and discover their weak points and to use them to improve. The different groups will attack first some ideas and defend later ideas attacked by other teams.

You will be surprised to see how using the weak points of an idea can help to improve it.

The objective of this phase is to land and improve the selected ideas.

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Mission 4


During the last mission “the Beach of new Horizons”, we will polish the best ideas generated during the game. It’s time to show that these ideas have a future and must embark to the success on the Sea of Opportunities. The ones that do not convince the audience must stay in land.

This mission has 3 moments:

  • Defining how to defend the idea and to develop a prototype
  • Presenting the ideas
  • Closing the game, congratulating the winner team and proposing next steps