BINNAKLE Innovation Games was set up as a spin-off company from Inteligencia Creativa, a leading innovation consultancy based in Barcelona and operating in several countries in Europe and South America (www.inteligenciacreativa.com) That's why all the Binnakle Serious Games are based on methodologies that have been tried and tested during the last 15 years in companies from all kind of sectors and countries.
After 4 years, Binnakle has become a reference in Europe and South America and has been played by more than 100 relevant companies.
In 2019, Binnakle launched its games in English and started its roll-out over the world. Our goal is to help companies be more innovative and agile by playing our games.


Binnakle The Expedition obtained first prize at the Gamification World Congress and has already become a classic used in leading companies across a wide range of sectors in more than 14 countries. The new version provides new dynamics and a digital platform that enables games to be optimised and gives a more all-round experience.

Binnakle Mission 0 is the company's new game, 100% digital and launched in 2019.

Binnakle GameStorm convierte el brainstorming tradicional en sesiones creativas online y en co-creación muy ágiles, divertidas, competitivas y eficaces.